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This is how I pin

I’m an Instagram fossicker! I find the gems then store them safely on Pinterest here.

I’ve decided to specialise in original pins from Instagram on Pinterest. I always credit the original source. My own Instagram images are pinned here too.

The perfectionist in me prefers the way that boards look when images are the same size and the square Instagram images fit so nicely together within a board.

There is so much great content flowing through Instagram. I feel it is such an untapped resource.

At the moment I’m just collecting images without worrying about categorising them more specifically. Click here to see my own big board of inspiration! I hope you’ll find some here too.

If you’ve come here because I’ve pinned your post, please take this as a very high complement – I dig your post! If you’d rather it not be pinned, then send me a message and I’ll delete it.