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365 Project

In April 2016 I participated in Creative Sprint. Those who are up for the challenge are sent a prompt by email each day. For 30 days we make something new everyday and share it on social media with one another.

During the sprint, I decided to continue making something every day and got hold of the Creative Sprint leader Noah Scalin’s book 365: A daily creative journal.

I started by making something out of sticky notes each day. I wanted to keep it simple, fun and not too daunting while I’m putting a lot of hard work into my other art work.

I know from studying jewellery at art school that small is not always easier, but being bound to a relatively small scale means less labour. I’m someone who tends to make ridiculously labour intensive art so I definitely need a labour limit!

Other advantages: I can carry a sticky note anywhere, they are relatively cheap and I already have lots of materials to use with them. I’m interested to explore the possibilities within this small scale.

Sometimes I still make some thing out of sticky notes. Sometimes I make some thing else. I go where the momentum is taking me at that time. It’s interesting to see the cycles in my creative process.

Sometimes I’m inspired by the prompts in the book. Other times I make something just because I get the idea to do it. Basically, it is just about making some thing every single day so that you generate momentum.

My daily making project is being documented on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



Etsy team interviews

When I opened an Etsy shop I found myself in an unexpected new world.

One of the things that I had no idea existed was Etsy “teams”. Etsy teams are groups of online shop owners that communicate with one another within a forum type format. A team can be based around location or a type craft or particular interest or pretty much anything.

The idea is that you band together to promote one another’s Etsy shops and items for sale on various social media platforms, as well as help one another to learn and refine the various aspects of running a quality shop.


I became an active member of two Etsy teams:

  1. Australian Wandarrah

As per the team blog “the Australian Wandarrah Team is Etsy’s largest Australia/New Zealand based team, with over 2000 members. The team was created in March 2011, and we are a base for sellers and shoppers to meet, share, support and encourage each other.” I observed the quality of items sold and the way that they are presented to be of a high standard in the team. Through this team, I’ve gotten to know friendly and supportive makers of many different types of crafts from around my country and across the Tasman sea.

  1. Rainbow Artists

A particularly vibrant and eclectic team, Rainbow artist’s hail from all corners of the globe and make all sorts of items. I never came across another team like it – there was no obvious specific thing that everyone had in common. What I think holds the group together is a sense of authenticity and genuineness. The other thing that holds it together is Debbie, the team captain and the team leaders who do a truck load of work for the team.


I was curious to know more about the people behind the shops in these Etsy teams. Where do they live? Where do they make their craft? Why do they make the things that they do?

Below are links to the interviews that I completed with fellow crafters:

Alison K

Alison M




Emma and Ivan












These interviews were originally posted on either the Australian Wandarrah team website here or the Rainbow Artists team blog here.