Sticky Notes

I prepared the above image for Book Machine 2017 held at Artspace Sydney. The initiative joins “participants of all backgrounds and experience with emerging designers from Sydney’s best art and design schools to create their own publications. Over 200 artist books will be generated over the course of the free five-day public program.”

I took the opportunity to create one of those books! I’ve been working with sticky notes for more than a year now, often drawing or adding text to collage elements taken from magazines as per the above image. In order to produce the book, I pulled together all the images of my sticky note experiments – over 300 in total. The book was printed in greyscale so I cropped, culled and converted the images in preparation for the session. It was a good a chance to reflect on what I’ve done previously on the project and where I will take it to next.

My session with designer Saskia Ruting was three hours long and we worked solidly together to realise the approximately A5 x 100 page book in a digital file. It was great to converse with her about what I’ve been up to and see the images afresh from her more distanced perspective. Saskia and the time limit helped me to focus in on what was best to include and how best to present it. The digital file was then sent to be printed by the Book Machine! It was a suprisingly validating experience to have an official collation of my recent work.

View the cover of the ‘Sticky notes’ book here.

View the interior of the ‘Sticky notes’ book here.







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