Join us for Creative Sprint

Almost one year ago, on April 1st 2016, I started my first ‘Creative Sprint’.

Those who are up for the challenge are sent a prompt by email each day. It’s free. For 30 days you make something new every day and share it on social media with one another.

I participated in that first Sprint because I was recovering from surgery on my ankle and wanted to do something creative, but without a lot of pressure, to while away those hours confined to home.

This drawing is what I made on day one. I completed that month long Sprint and continued on with a daily making project. I’ve been making something new each day for the entire year mostly (I had a couple of short breaks such as when my nan died and when I was on holidays in Japan).

The 2017 April ‘Creative Sprint’ is fast approaching. I’ll be taking part with my chosen theme of ‘CURVES’. See my daily posts on Instagram or Twitter.

Why don’t you join in? It’s going to be a lot of fun. Sign up here.