Interview with Monika

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Image by Monika by Tobisias Lil Thing.

This interview was conducted by Michelle Genders and originally posted on the Rainbow Artists team blog.

Let’s get to know Monika who sells jewellery and cards from her shop Tobisias Lil Thing. She opens up about her home in the UK and the different kinds of crafts that she enjoys experimenting with:

Where do you live and how long have you lived there? 

I live in Blyth, a port town in Northumberland, in the UK for almost 12 years now.

Can you describe the landscape of the place where you live? 

The landscape is a mix of flat land with some not big hills plus nice beach with dunes. There are also fields and some historic places not to far from town.

Tall ship coming into Blyth port by Monika from TobisiasLilThing.

What do you like most about where you live? 

I like the whole Northumberland simply because of people who live here are friendly and helpful. I like Blyth because is not big place and became my home.

It does look like a beautiful place to explore in your pictures . What do you like most about maintaining your etsy shop?

I like to have my shop on Etsy cause giving me chance to do lots of things without keeping eye on it all the time like in normal shops, plus every sale is making me smile.

Where do you make the hand made items that you sell? 

All my pieces – jewellery and cards – I’m making in living room, which is in total mess when I starti crafting.

Haha! I think many crafters have experience the living room spread when making  

When I’m making jewellery I like to sit in the armchair. It is great for relaxing, thinking, designing and stringing beads

What do you like most about making jewellery?

Compliments from strangers on the street and 5 stars reviews from customers.

What is the most difficult part of making jewellery? 

I think simply to be happy with final product, cause sometimes is really hard to have piece done exactly as you dreamed of.

Could you share one item from your hand made shop that you are most proud of making? 

Against the review received I’m the most proud of my yellow floral earrings, totally my own design (never saw similar piece).  I made them using simple beading. I used ribbon and seed beads, cause giving me this delicate kind of look in final product. I made three other pairs of earrings from the same design later, but used sari silk not ribbon (2 sold – both with 5 star review).

They are indeed beautifully made. Very delicate. I can image that when you wear them they would have a nice movement to them… 

It says in your etsy profile that you love to try new techniques. Could you tell me about a new technique that you’ve tried recently? 

I recently tried the spot light card making technique and wrote a blog post about it here: Kittens and new cardmaking technique.

I also tried wire wrapping and wire weaving in jewellery making – to learn all these properly I started new project and new blog here:

Thanks for sharing your wire wrapping pieces. Looking good! I’ve done lots of this in the past – it’s fun isn’t it? 

You seem to be a prolific maker. Could you give us a peak at any other things that you’ve been making recently? 

I’ve been making making cards. I’m working on my second Xmas card this year: I  made a birthday card for my son’s class friend for her birthday and it was printed in paper crafting magazine!

Wow congratulations on being included in the magazine! 

Quite a few of your jewellery items include copper. What do you like about working with it?

To be honest I like its colour plus this that is nickel free, which is important for me because I’m nickel allergic Copper wire is very plastic material to use. Copper is soft, so wires are easy to deal with when shaping. If you know what I mean?

Yes, I know from my experience with wire wrapping, smithing and shaping metal that copper is a lovely soft and malleable material to work with

Thank you so much for sharing these insights into your crafting and home town Monika!  






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