Drawing by Therese


Therese says: “I’ve been doing a bit of research into vultures and there is plenty to like about them. They’re very non-conformist birds, and they use the energies of the Earth (gliding on thermal air currents). Very smart.

My drawing is called ‘Fire in the Belly of Vulture’. It was done left handed i.e. with my non-favoured hand. In this I’ve been inspired by English artist Kate Walters, who does many of her drawings left-handed, and even with her eyes closed! It’s liberating, because it helps me to lower my expectations, and sometimes the wobbliness actually makes it look more interesting.”

Find out more about Therese Doherty in the links below:

Her blog

Her art

A short story

This drawing was completed as a part of the Deep red scarlet pen project. Click here to find out more about the project.



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