Above Earth, Below Sea

Above Earth, Below Sea

Group exhibition co-curated by and including artwork by Michelle Genders

27th July to 14th August 2011

Paper Plane Gallery


Artwork included:

A discovery

Neoplastic nudibranch neckpiece

It works by the energy of light


About the exhibition:

A group of Australian and Japanese artists made contemporary jewellery/objects that responded to this call out:

Objects originating deep in the ocean encircled by water or discovered high in the air above the earth. Exotic spaces more accessible by modern technology … rocket or scuba tank, blimp or submarine.

Places visited whilst on an adventure. A holiday to a new destination or wandering in your own imagination … an extraordinary experience.

Escape from the urban environment for spare time to play and relax. Feeling the elements on your skin and attending to details of the world you inhabit … a sudden feeling of awe.