Creation * Protection * Transformation

Creation * Protection * Transformation

Solo exhibition by Michelle Genders

2nd to 13th April 2015

Gaffa Gallery

Part of the ‘Unlimited Substance‘ series of exhibitions curated by Michelle Genders.


Artwork included:





Artist statement:

Creation * Protection * Transformation references primal energies, geometric yantras and information collected by the Hubble Space Telescope.

In ancient Hindu philosophy the universe is conceptualised as being made up of three primal energies: creation, protection and transformation. Each of these energies is traditionally associated with particular divinities and represented with geometric symbols called yantras.

This ancient typology is consistent with recent discoveries about outer space using advanced technology that collects information from multiple wavelengths on the UV spectrum. From this information we have developed a detailed knowledge of the life cycle of stars. We know that stars are created in stellar nebulae. We know that stars transform into supernovas. And we know that throughout their life cycle stars are held protected within the gravitation pull of a galaxy. NASA has published images of stars at various stages of their lives.

This installation expresses the forces of the three primal energies, the aesthetics of the NASA images and the geometric yantras.