Cosmic Orb Weavers

Cosmic Orb Weavers 

Solo exhibition by Michelle Genders

27th June to 8th July 2013

Gaffa Gallery


Artwork included:

Star space

We search for answers

We receive the signals

A network that’s accessible anywhere




Artist statement:

The Weaver lived in a time of evolution from paper to electricity. She sat in her room surrounded by information gathered, processed, disseminated and consumed. Multiple copies stored on discs, thumb drives, servers and memory cards. Information printed onto reams of A4 paper, collated into glossy books and stacked in yellowing newspaper that left the smell of ink on her fingers. The Weaver’s history was stored in 6 email accounts, 4 social networking profiles and 25 archival cardboard boxes. She searched the internet using any one of 9 personal computing devices. Her nervous system was synchronised to the device’s vibrations and hours passed as she traversed 2 dimensional spaces. Brain buzzing, breathing shallow, eyes flicking. Immersed in maps of data, webs of knowledge and virtual social networks.

The Weaver suddenly became conscious of her body. She looked away from the screen and out the open window. She noticed a cool breeze on her cheeks. She stood up and took a deep breath.

The Weaver lived on the earth. Connected with every other location on the globe but rooted to a particular geographical place. She left the devices and papers in a pile on the floor and walked outside barefoot to the park across the street. The Weaver pressed her feet into the grass, stretched her arms in the air and looked up at the sunny sky. She imagined satellites circling the world, robots exploring other planets and telescopes surveying the universe. These technologies reported back on the mechanics of the solar system, the birth and death of stars and the slow revolutions of galaxies. The Weaver knew there was no technology able to transport her physical body to even the closest planet or the nearest star. She would remain dependent on the solar system of which the earth was a part. Watching the transitions of dusk and dawn, the clouds moving across the bright blue sky and the phases of the beaming moon. 

Cosmic Orb Weavers is an installation of sculptures and drawings that explore networks on information in the context of the electronic revolution, increased knowledge of outer space due to advanced technology and renewed interest in spiritual traditions.