Solo exhibition by Michelle Genders

3rd to 20th October 2012



Artwork included:

Radical transformation

Novel observation

Potential truth


Artist statement:

These drawings were developed by experimenting with the principals in Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka‘s visual illusions. He studies the underlying mechanisms of visual perception in the brain and generates illusions that activate those mechanisms.

These drawings use illusion to explore the intersection between science and spirituality with respect to the polarity that appears to categorise our experience – that which is inside (the body) and that which is outside (the universe).

In the area of psychology, more is known about the human brain than ever before. In the areas of cosmology and astrophysics, knowledge about the universe has increased rapidly. Advanced technology has facilitated discoveries that have altered the way we conceive of ourselves and the universe.

Our embodied experience feels separate from the rest of the universe. But, spiritual traditions such as yoga, meditation, mysticism and beliefs of indigenous culture assume that the inside and outside lie on the same continuum.

At face value, scientific discoveries appear to be consistent with spiritual traditions. There are similarities between the methods used, for example repetitive observation and rigorous discipline. However, the fundamental assumptions of science and spirituality are different.

‘Possibilities’ is a word that reflects these contradictory assumptions. It means both something that might exist and something that is fact. It puts forwards the promise that anything is possible, but holds expectation that things should be proven.